1 Room, 4 Performers, 11 Sketches… And a Funeral Next Door?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that Edinburgh Fringe 2014 is only five months away. Luckily, work on Thespianage Productions’ new show is well under way! 

We’ve been swapping ideas, writing draft scripts and editing them for the past couple of months – thanks to the wonder of the internet – and in January we pooled everything we’d written to decide what would make it into the show. Once we’d had a quick read through of our ‘green light’ sketches and assigned the parts, we set the date for our first rehearsals.

In the meantime, we: set up our website (have a look around, it’s shiny), got our accommodation booked, acquired a techie, activated our social media pages, edited our less spectacular ‘amber’ sketches and looked into venues and dates for preview shows (watch this space for more info). Phew!

Back to the important bit. Last week, we met up to rehearse over two days in a hired space, with proper warm-up exercises and (mostly) no scripts. We blocked all the sketches and a few prompts and the occasional blank face later, we came out of our rehearsal process happy with how we’d done after four hours of running about, shouting, singing and the like…

To find that a Funeral either had, or was about to take place in the same building…

You can’t write it!

Next on the agenda: rehearsing and filming sketches for video. Again, watch this space – and then share it like a highly contagious bug. Please!

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