The Embryonic Stage

On Friday 4th April, Thespianage Productions performed for the first time as part of Studio Salford’s Embryo 83, at the King’s Arms pub in Salford (home of Channel 4’s ‘Fresh Meat’).

Embryo is a monthly variety show built around supporting both new acts and experienced acts in testing out new material. To this end, the audience are provided with feedback forms to give comments, praise, suggestions etc – don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we recieve ours!

Not only was it our debut as a group, but it was Rory’s comedy debut as a 24 year-old – though he refused to wear his ‘Birthday Boy’ badge until after we’d done our sketches!

We were due to perform in the second half, so after a line run in the break and a nervous wait backstage, we were on…

The big question? We’d chosen three sketches which we had enjoyed performing in rehearsals and that we thought were funny – but were we thinking along the same lines as our audience?
And it turned out, we were! From the opening moments of ‘The Disgusting Truth’ right through to the pun-tastic ending of ‘Detective Inspector Platypus’ (pictured), the audience laughed and applauded in all the right places – as well as some we weren’t expecting!

We left the stage four very happy sketchers, with more than just a birthday to celebrate! Luckily, we were in a pub…

After the show…

Each audience member was given a pen and a piece of paper to give their feedback on each act that performed. Below is some of our feedback (as written):

“Awesome! Want to see more!”
“Stars of the night”
“quirky and funny”
“Actually cried with laughter in last sketch would want to watch more can’t pick favourite of the three”
“really enjoyed it original lively well written good piece very good acting”

From all of us at Thespianage Productions, a massive thank you to everyone at Embryo – audience, performers and organisers! We really enjoyed performing and seeing the fantastically diverse performances that Embryo has to offer!

This feedback is just the icing on the cake for us and, for those who left such kind comments, hopefully we’ll be bringing you our full Edinburgh show soon!

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