Easter Updates!

If there’s no rest for the wicked,* then maybe Thespianage Productions should keep an eye out for flying houses and buckets of water. Our May bank holiday was spent hard at work rehearsing in Manchester and we followed it up with another rehearsal two days later. 

(*Disclaimer: we are in fact really nice and none of us own broomsticks… Yet.)

With our first full-length preview show coming up in just over six weeks, we’ve organised our workload and been hard at work getting off script, focussing on movement, redrafting scripts for new angles and even introducing new sketches to the mix. 

Our Monday rehearsal venue proved to be a characterful space with a stage, a piano and a small hole in the roof… Luckily it didn’t rain. We tried a load of new material and had great fun being bad cops, corporate pirates and exploring a haunted house, as well as reviewing the sketches we’d previously been working on!

On Wednesday we returned to our usual drama studio in Westhoughton, where Rory and Georgina made everyone cringe playing a couple with a difference. Wonder how they managed to be so convincing…

After missing some rehearsals because of illness and the Easter holidays, it felt really good to get back on track and flex our funny bones (Sorry). With The Kings Arms show round the corner and Birmingham Fest not far behind, everything’s becoming a lot more real and a lot more exciting – we’ll keep you posted!

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