We’ll always have Birmingham…

On Saturday 19th July, Thespianage Productions arrived in Birmingham for our second preview show to the ominous sight of forked lightning and apocalyptic rain. At least this time we weren’t going to sweat to death onstage in the combined heat of stage lights and a gorgeous summer’s day.

We soon arrived at The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre, a gorgeous Grade II listed building. Once we’d dried off/ taken in our surroundings, we headed upstairs to check out the theatre. By 7pm, we’d taken over the green room to run lines, hang costumes, quietly panic and go over tech cues, with the musical stylings of the fantastic Simply Soweto Encha filtering through from the stage. (There may or may not have been dancing.)

Doors opened at 9pm – once we’d done a quick tech run – and the audience filtered in. As did the butterflies. Although we already had one preview under our belts, this show was a different beast to the Manchester preview. As well as changes to the running order and one entirely new sketch, we had audio and lighting cues to contend with. Luckily everything went swimmingly, apart from during one blackout when G’s teeth collided with Josh’s shoulder. Luis Suarez, eat your heart out. Detective Inspector Platypus managed to upstage us all with his Alan Sugar impersonation, which we know we’ll never hear the end of.

It was lovely to meet and chat with our audience afterwards – we got some great feedback on the sketches, which will help when it’s time to kill our darlings ie. cut down the running order. Also, pizza and 70s Blankety Blank episodes make for the best 2am aftershow party. So, what next? Well, Edinburgh is less than three weeks away! Once we’ve watched the show recording back, we’ll make final adjustments to the sketches and then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

A photo with our own poster taken at the ‘Old Joint Stock’ – can you see the nerves?

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