A Scouse Scrooge?!

Who was having too much fun with the costumes? Not us!

A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who attended our ‘Christmas Cracker’ show on Saturday evening! It was a fantastic performance that we truly put our heart and soul in to making work and we’re so thankful for all the love, encouragement and laughs that came our way on Saturday night and in your kind words and reviews since!

Designed by Alex Leam.

It was the FIRST EVER performance of our new ‘Improvised Christmas Carol’ format which everyone, particularly the newly-costumed performers, really got in to the spirit (ba-dum-tsh) of. A big shout out to our Scrooge, Georgina, who took on everything the audience (and her fellow performers) had to throw at her with grace, quick wit and enthusiasm. We also had the lovely Laura and Lizzie lighting us for the first time and doing a stellar job too! Hopefully they’re free next year as we’ve had lots of requests to bring this back in 2019!

“Only a Manchester audience would decide to suggest ”Scouse” as Scrooge’s main character flaw! Hats off to all of the performers tonight – they embraced the challenge of the crazy concept, embraced the big venue, embraced the bitter cold and embraced us all in a hilarious night of comedy…”

Padstow Bach – Thespianage Director and Host

We’d also like to acknowledge our brilliant venue Footlights House. Not only is this a incredible, unique and remarkable space, but the people there were kind, patient and so supportive – even live streaming some of the show on our behalf! We’re sure that we will be back!

And finally, a big thank you to our silly, hilarious, determined, bonkers, committed, talented cast of 2018. It’s been another marvellous year, and we’re not done yet! 🙌🏻

Rehearsal pics are below for your enjoyment… Merry Christmas!

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