London Baby!

Fresh from their regular performances in the drizzly urban wilderness of central Manchester, the “bizarre and insanely talented” (MCRFringeReview) performers of Thespianage Productions are coming to London for ONE NIGHT ONLY to showcase the very best of their comedy from t’north.

Designed by Alex Leam.

These “Masters of every style” (Edfringereview) create scintillating scenes, silly sketches and crazy characters based on your suggestions! So if you want to see Batman on a blind date, why sex with one performer is like Jeremy Corbyn (it’s for the many, not the few!), how evil twins can really ruin a wake or even the world’s worst retelling of Beauty and the Beast ever – this is the show for you!

We’re delighted to be performing at Etcetera Theatre for the first time! The theatre itself is located above a pub on Camden Town’s high street and regularly hosts comedy and theatre shows from the local area and beyond.

Tickets are £10 and are inclusive of a £1.50 ‘membership fee’ required by Etcetera Theatre.

The show starts at 9pm!

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! To make this even more of a special occasion – we just happen to be performing on May 4th! Now this isn’t a Star Wars themed show, but we’re so excited to perform on this date we’ll gladly take whatever suggestions you Hoth* to offer…

*The person who wrote this joke will not be in the show.

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