Go Japesh*t at the Manchester, York and Birmingham Fringe!

Thespianage Productions are delighted to announce their BRAND NEW improvised comedy show entitled ‘Japesh*t’!

For the last two years, the “side-splitting company of hilarious comedians” (MCRFringeReview) Thespianage Productions has taken an ‘Improv Comedy Showcase’ (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) to the Greater Manchester and Great Yorkshire Fringe Festivals. This year, we’re going bigger, better and brand new-e-yer with a new format that gives the audience the chance to send our improvised scenes, and perhaps our performers, absolutely Japesh*t crazy!

Japesh*t is short-form improvised comedy with a twist! During ‘Japesh*t rounds’ the audience has the power to throw the players a real curveball:

ENFORCE random accents…

BRING IN a physical quirk…

MAKE a celebrity appear…

It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s a little bit tongue in cheek!

And it’s coming to the Greater Manchester Fringe, the Great Yorkshire Fringe and Birmingham Fest in 2019!

Will you help this “infectiously hilarious ensemble” (MCR Fringe Review, 2018) GO JAPESH*T?

For more information, including dates, times and prices, visit our Japesh*t page!

Remember, the best way to stay completely up to date with all of our comedy shows, for tickets and more, is to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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