London Show Etcetera etc.

Last night, Thespianage Productions performed their ‘Improv Comedy Showcase’ to a lively London crowd – a first performance in the capital for the up and coming comedy group.

The last time Thespianage performed an ‘Improv Showcase’ show in 2018, they picked up a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review so expectations were high for their London debut at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.

The performers of Thespianage however were more than equal to the task, bringing scenes including Die Hard, Jacob Rees-Mogg Man, the shattered dreams of orphans IN MIME, coccyx-coccyx-coccyx-coccyx-brothel, magnetic elbows and more in a super energetic, super warm show!

Featuring classic and fan-favourite games such as ‘Sex with me is like’, ‘Superheroes’ and ‘Late4Work’, Thespianage quickly dusted off the old ‘Improv Comedy Showcase’ cobwebs to deliver a high energy and pun-tastic performance!

Thespianage would like to say a big thank you to our audience for the amazing welcome and surreal suggestions. Also, to our marvellous venue for helping tick another aspiration off our bucket list! If you love Theatre and are based in London, check out Etcetera Theatre in the heart of Camden Town. Their website can be found here.

Remember, to stay completely up to date with all of our comedy shows, for tickets and more, make sure that you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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For a group of combined Northerners and Southerners-Stranded-In-The-North, the day wouldn’t have been complete without some sightseeing and general touristy nonsense! So, here’s our holiday slideshow featuring Thespianage’s own holiday snaps (primarily from the Natural History Museum🦖🦕) and more show photos for your enjoyment!

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