Japesh*t 2019 Review

So we did it! Alongside audiences in Manchester, Birmingham and York we got Japesh*t up and running in 2019!

First up, Manchester, and the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. A return to our regular venue, Gullivers NQ, but plenty of new faces mixed in with our familiar crowd.

Considering a lack of rehearsal time, it being about a month and a half since our previous show and a completely new format to perform – we were feeling suitably nervous before the show!

We needn’t have worried. Our awesome Manchester fans were on top form suggesting Japesh*ts in the vein of explosive diarrhoea (though I could only spell “poos” on the night 🤦🏻‍♂️), Secret Love Island Contestant and, for the Group Japesh*t, all of our performers treated us to a headline rap at Glasto! Seeing (and hearing) was believing!

Then, just two weeks later, we were off to Birmingham and the Blue Orange Theatre as part of Birmingham Fest. It was a quieter show than Manchester, but nothing stops Thespianage from entertaining a crowd!

Birmingham treated our performers to Japesh*ts such as suddenly becoming a dressage horse, a severe case of the swears and, for the group Japesh*t, a Boris Johnson tribute convention interrupted by the Alien from Alien! We always say, if you suggest it, we’ll perform it and it’s that can-do attitude that led us to another hilarious show.

Finally, and just 18.5 hours after we stepped on to the stage in Birmingham, we were back on the stage again in York, performing at The Basement (CityScreen Picturehouse) as part of the Great Yorkshire Fringe Festival.

In terms of Japesh*t suggestions we saw ballet and Peaky Blinders thrown suddenly in to the mix but the audience from York kept their best ’till last… their group Japesh*t was:

A re-enactment of Jaws done as a Shakespearean Musical…

Need I say more?

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make our debut performances of Japesh*t a success! All the feedback that we’ve had has been really positive and our performers certainly had a great time doing it!

We’ve no idea how many more Japesh*ts lie in the future or where we might take the show from here. What we do know is that after four comedy shows in three weeks, we’re ready for a rest!

Luckily, we made a head start on the “resting” in York…

Thespianage will return…

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