We miss you

Hello! It’s now been 3 months since our last show – and since members of Thespianage were all together in one room. Since then two of our members have successfully completed another year on this planet. We’ve watched some films together, and we’ve played some online games.

But whilst it’s been great to catch up online, it’s not the same as meeting up in person. We miss each other – and we miss you too. We perform together because we enjoy spending time with each other, and we love the magic that can happen when we improvise.

Please stand at least one Rory apart

But speaking personally – I’m a member of Thespianage because I love performing comedy. I love the raw, immediate reaction of sparking laughter in an audience. I love taking your suggestions, playing with them, and knowing that what I’m doing on stage makes you laugh.

If you’ve seen me in a show you might be surprised to know that I struggled with confidence as a teenager – and in some ways I still do today. Performing improv comedy has given me more confidence to speak out in public – to share my life experiences, my mental health experiences, and to speak out and try and make the world a better place.

We’re not just performers – we’re human beings

So if you’re at home missing normal life, and are looking forward to a future where going to see comedy is something that you can take for granted – know that we miss this just as much.

So here’s a photo of us catching up recently. We hope that wherever you are you are safe, and we can’t wait to catch up with you all once this is all over.

Antony (the ginger one)

Catching up in the age of Covid-19


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