Maniacal Laughter Podcast

Welcome to the Maniacal laughter podcast!

Join Paddy and Fenby in a post-horror film palette cleanser where they use their adrenaline-induced cynicism, sarcasm and silliness to pick apart their latest scary stream!

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Not All Men Improv: Screaming at the Moon Thespianage Comedy Podcasts

The NAMI Team interview brilliantly funny Welsh stand-up comedian Jenny Collier! We cover everything from dealing with hecklers, diversity in stand-up and the all important high brow topics of pubes, farts and poo.For more information about the podcast or our talented improv performers
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  2. Maniacal Laughter: Candyman (1992)
  3. Maniacal Laughter: Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  4. Word Immunity: Medieval
  5. Not All Men Improv: Grow in my Improv Garden