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Join Paddy and Fenby in a post-horror film palette cleanser where they use their adrenaline-induced cynicism, sarcasm and silliness to pick apart their latest scary stream!

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Not All Men Improv: My Favourite Kind of Cult Thespianage Comedy Podcasts

This episode the NAMI gang interview Bangor alumni Kat Cooke! Kat performs with Liverpool Comedy Improv and is a founding member of all-female group Boss Birds Improv! This week we discuss the strange transition from in-person performances to online only performances at the start of the UK lockdown as well as reminiscing about student days and the Drama Society at Bangor. We finish off the episode with our chosen topic of discussing our favourite improv games!
  1. Not All Men Improv: My Favourite Kind of Cult
  2. Not All Men Improv: Who the F*ck is Bernard?
  3. Not All Men Improv: Yes and Please Don't Touch Me
  4. Not All Men Improv: Licking a Spoon
  5. Not All Men Improv: Vocal Tofu