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Not All Men Improv: Vocal Tofu Thespianage Comedy Podcasts

This week the NAMI gang interview  Bangor Comedy alumni Rhiannon Wyn Thompson! Rhi is a Welsh actress who gave up her full time job to pursue her dream of acting and has since been involved in pursuing her own films and projects, including the short film Bound by Lindsay Walker and Clear Out with Lost at Sea Media.In this episode we discuss the influence of improvisation on acting, characterisation, using your voice in scenes and exploring different accents for performance! 
  1. Not All Men Improv: Vocal Tofu
  2. Not All Men Improv: Screaming at the Moon
  3. Maniacal Laughter: Candyman (1992)
  4. Maniacal Laughter: Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  5. Word Immunity: Medieval