We’ll always have Birmingham…

On Saturday 19th July, Thespianage Productions arrived in Birmingham for our second preview show to the ominous sight of forked lightning and apocalyptic rain. At least this time we weren’t going to sweat to death onstage in the combined heat of stage lights and a gorgeous summer’s day. We soon arrived at The Old Joint … Continue reading We’ll always have Birmingham…

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Saturday 21st June saw Thespianage Productions return to the King’s Arms in Salford for our first full-length preview of Sketch Appeal. And we SOLD OUT! It was great to be back at this lovely venue following our debut appearance at Embryo 83 in April. This time, we were performing all our sketches in the more … Continue reading It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Easter Updates!

If there’s no rest for the wicked,* then maybe Thespianage Productions should keep an eye out for flying houses and buckets of water. Our May bank holiday was spent hard at work rehearsing in Manchester and we followed it up with another rehearsal two days later.  (*Disclaimer: we are in fact really nice and none … Continue reading Easter Updates!

The Embryonic Stage

On Friday 4th April, Thespianage Productions performed for the first time as part of Studio Salford's Embryo 83, at the King’s Arms pub in Salford (home of Channel 4's 'Fresh Meat'). Embryo is a monthly variety show built around supporting both new acts and experienced acts in testing out new material. To this end, the audience are … Continue reading The Embryonic Stage

Edinburgh Fringe 2014: ‘Sketch Appeal’

We are delighted to announce that we will be heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 - and we finally have a name for our show!!  Our brochure image for 'Sketch Appeal' Our show, entitled 'Sketch Appeal', will run for two weeks at Surgeon's Hall as part of thespaceUK. We're also delighted to announce … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe 2014: ‘Sketch Appeal’

1 Room, 4 Performers, 11 Sketches… And a Funeral Next Door?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that Edinburgh Fringe 2014 is only five months away. Luckily, work on Thespianage Productions’ new show is well under way!  We’ve been swapping ideas, writing draft scripts and editing them for the past couple of months – thanks to the wonder of the internet - and … Continue reading 1 Room, 4 Performers, 11 Sketches… And a Funeral Next Door?