Word Immunity

Who will achieve Word Immunity?

Word immunity, the competitive improvised panel show. 

There’s an unknown word that sets the theme for each show, but performers don’t know what this word is.  Each performer has to work out the theme by the end of the show in order to gain ‘word immunity’ and if no-one guesses the theme everyone loses their points!

Will they succeed? Will they fail? Tune in to find out!

Not All Men Improv: Screaming at the Moon Thespianage Comedy Podcasts

The NAMI Team interview brilliantly funny Welsh stand-up comedian Jenny Collier! We cover everything from dealing with hecklers, diversity in stand-up and the all important high brow topics of pubes, farts and poo.For more information about the podcast or our talented improv performers visit:www.thespianageproductions.co.uk
  1. Not All Men Improv: Screaming at the Moon
  2. Maniacal Laughter: Candyman (1992)
  3. Maniacal Laughter: Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  4. Word Immunity: Medieval
  5. Not All Men Improv: Grow in my Improv Garden